Pallet Design System Enhancements

Whirlowdale was recently asked, by one of the largest building materials suppliers in the UK, to redesign their existing pallet to meet the demands of recent changes to the packaging profile of the product. These changes had resulted in additional weight being put on the pallet, and the task was to design a pallet with sufficient load bearing capabilities without adding any cost.

Utilising the expertise gained by over 13 years’ experience of using the PDS software package, the Whirlowdale team were able to satisfy the criteria stipulated by the customer and provide a cost neutral pallet design.

Now there’s a new tool being introduced by providers of Pallet Design System© which will make it even easier for customers to clarify their requirements by using a new piece of software which creates a design template for the pallet manufacturer.

Pallet Design system - Load SyncBetter communication makes for better pallets.

In any commercial environment, communicating ideas and information is the lifeblood of business and inefficient or inaccurate communication can often be expensive both in time and cost. Pallet design is an example where incomplete communication between the customer and the pallet manufacturer can cause difficulties and result in an unsuitable pallet design.

The Pallet Design System© has been created to automate the pallet design process by using the design parameters supplied by the customer to allow the software to design the pallet. This has proved to be a very successful system and the new enhancement will ensure that a new pallet can be designed even more quickly and with the minimum of potential for error. The LoadSync© software system for pallet users is a sophisticated method for a user to effectively set the design requirements for a pallet without having to move from their desk. It works in conjunction with the Pallet Design System© and is set up on the customer’s computer by Whirlowdale.

The system takes you through a series of questions to determine the pallet design criteria and when finished, the details can be sent to us, to input into the Pallet Design System© to create the pallet design. When created and checked, the pallet design can be returned to you and you will be able to use the LoadSync© system to view the pallet in 2d or 3d drawings.

The advantage of this system is that details can be passed between user and designer accurately and without any unnecessary delay, reducing the need for site visits and speeding up communications. As pallet designers and suppliers Whirlowdale are experts at what they do, just as you are experts in your products and storage / transport requirements. This new software allows us to pool our expertise and create the optimally designed pallet.

For more information on PDS please contact Whirlowdale on 01709 829061


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