Timber shortages and new Pallet price increases  - explore the alternatives

As we reported in our October update, the wooden pallet industry is facing unprecedented timber supply problems due to the scarcity of material and the continuing spiralling of prices

The UK pallet industry has always been the “third choice” for sawmills behind the construction and fencing sectors, and the current recovery in construction along with demand from growing markets in the Middle East and China has led to major supply problems. Prices have increased by around 10% in the last few months, and the signs are that further increases will be faced in the New Year.

Other traditional sources of supply, such as the Baltics, have limited volumes available and very little is coming in from South America. The result of this is that pallet manufacturers are demanding around 90% of their material from domestic sources resulting in a major shortage.

Impact on new wood pallet pricing

New pallet prices have been increasing steadily over recent months, and it appears that this may be a long-term trend as the economy continues to show signs of improvement.

While still manufacturing and supplying quality new wooden pallets, Whirlowdale have developed a comprehensive portfolio of alternative products to satisfy any materials handling requirement.

Reconditioned pallets – as the largest supplier of reconditioned pallets in the UK, Whirlowdale is able to offer an alternative to new pallets at competitive prices. Following recent investment in pallet stripping machinery we are also able to offer large volumes of “New Start” pallets – pallets manufactured entirely from reclaimed timber.

Cardboard pallets – ideal for Bulk Bag users,  are the better and safer way to carry bulk bags without damage. The range of Firmacore® lightweight cardboard pallets can hold up to 450Kg and are 75% lighter than a wooden pallet.

Plastic Pallets – we are able to supply a comprehensive range of plastic pallets, from “Ultra-lightweight” export pallets through to heavy duty hygienic pallets for the food industry.

Prolonging the life of wooden pallets

We are excited to announce a new product, which we hope will be available early in 2014. This innovative new shield system will extend the lifespan of wooden pallets by reducing pallet damage and providing increased product protection.

We're busy testing the product at the moment, so please check back here in January for more information.


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